About Us
Over the years, I have trained many Scopists who have gone
on to pursue successful careers in the field.  A few remained
with me and currently operate as contractors at Your
Scoping Solution.  While I have every confidence in my
personnel, I'm a bit of a perfectionist; therefore, I review and
approve the work of all my team members prior to returning
completed jobs to clients.

I am articulate and well-written, no thanks to the numerous
research papers I wrote while attending college.  I graduated
in February 2012 with my B.A. in psychology.  I am proud to
be a member of the National Court Reporters Association, as
I believe in supporting our industry.  I am also a member of
the National Association of Professional Women and was
recently named VIP of the Year for Worldwide Who's Who.   

I am a native of Florida, but have lived many places over the
years.  I have been
scoping for 14 years, and I thoroughly
enjoy my work, as I have always had a fondness for English,
reading, writing, and poetry. Throughout my education, I
remained at the top of my class in English and received
numerous academic and writing awards.  I pay very strict
attention to detail, and I've taught my associates to do the
same.  Your work is in excellent hands.  We truly are "YOUR

              Deborah Self-Newman
                 Scopist, President
              Your Scoping Solution
Deborah Self-Newman
Your Scoping Solution is equipped to handle files taken on any CAT system through RTF file conversion.  We
can also sync any audio file with text through use of a digital foot pedal.
Take a look at our competitive pricing.  View our rate sheet here: Scoping Rates.

Before you hire us, be sure to read and sign the
Business Contract and email, fax, or mail it back to us at your
earliest convenience.

Your Scoping Solution understands that every reporter has preferences, and we appreciate the diversity of
styles.  That's why we've created a
Reporter Preference Sheet which can be filled out online, by accessing the
link below, and then emailed or printed and faxed/mailed to us.