I so love your work!  Sending a job to you is like wearing an old pair of jeans --
absolutely no worries at all about the comfort.
-Cari, CSR, Antioch, CA

I really appreciate your attention to detail.
-Katy, CSR, San Francisco, CA

You do good work.
-Margary, CSR, Washington, D.C.

Your work is awesome!
-Darci, RPR, Santa Barbara, CA

Your work is awesome.  I'm REALLY happy with all the transcripts.  I don't know
how you do it, keeping all your clients straight.  There are a lot of punctuation
nuances, I'll say, that you just handle perfectly.  It's really an art to be able to take
the spoken word and make sense out of it, make it readable.  You do an
incredible job!  
-Janice, CSR, Pittsburg, CA

After looking at your first completed transcript, I couldn't believe how clean it
was!  Thank you so much for working your magic.
Dian, RPR, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I really LOVE the way you scope my work. It comes back beautiful and perfect.
-Mercedes, CSR, New York, NY

I really appreciate all your attention to detail and looking things up.
-Debbie, CSR, Hartford, CT

You are an excellent scopist!  You really get my writing style and do all the new
paragraphs, commas, dashes, indentations, and quote marks exactly how I would
do them...making my life so much easier right now!
-Jacqueline, CSR, San Francisco, CA
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